My name is Elin Bjork, normally called Eln, but I have since the spring, 2005, choosed to use the name Bjork on my pictures, just as my dear grandmother wanted. 

I have always liked drawing and painting, drawing was my favorite for a long time, or until I got to know the oil around 1992-3. Bissyness and childcaring was though in the first place, so I only painted few painting a year, until the spring 2005. Now I am creating a lot more, thanks to a very good friend of mine, who brought pencils and watercolours to me and told me to get started.

And now Im here, more poverful than ever, enjoying painting most days of the week. My favorite subject is the woman body and the soft lines, strong lively colours and feelings. With a spatel or a pencil in my hand I paint whatever the spirit brings to me, both pictures allready formed in my head as well as the pictures I see inside the canvas. The oil is my favorite, but I like trying new things, acryl, watercolours, pastel....... 

Until now Ive been a little shy and not brought my paintings to the public, but aging and experience have tought me you should always follow your dreams, make them happen! So now my dream has come true, I am living it!! 

© elin bjork gudbrandsdottir